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Android 2.3 and above.
Designed for 4.4+.

Take control of your clipboard with Clipper.

Clipper is a simple but powerful clipboard manager for Android phones and tablets. Stop worrying about overwriting anything important and keep a complete log of your copied clippings. View, edit and organize your saved clippings later. Create predefined clippings for quick copying. Synchronize everything online and between devices.

All this and more in a simple, clean and modern user interface. Take control of your clipboard: download Clipper today!

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  • Unintrusive. Clipper runs in the background and quietly logs everything you copy (unless you tell it not to).
  • Functional. View, copy, edit, send and reorganize your saved clippings.
  • Productive. Enhances the clipboard and lets you copy snippets quickly.
  • Portable. With Clipper Plus, you can use Clipper Sync to synchronize your clippings across multiple devices.


Get the Plus version for more features, like online synchronization, unlimited clippings, dynamic values and more.